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The Smart-99 table consists of 1 aluminium element and 4 stands. The simple plug and screw... more
Product information "Table-99"

The Smart-99 table consists of 1 aluminium element and 4 stands. The simple plug and screw connections, allow the easy attaching of additional stands.

Main feature: Agility enthusiasts will immediately notice how quietly the dogs run across this equipment!

The special shock-absorbing nature of the Smart-99 running surfaces is due to the floating construction. The running surfaces are not fixed to stiff aluminium frame, instead they are embed on a rubber cushion.

This method was pioneered in the aviation industry and garantees optimal damping without the joint-endangering rebound of the contact-zone equipments.

Dogs will remember this equipment as a positive experience. This positive attitude will allow then to „feel the fun“, as they train the difficult contact zones!

100% Aluminium Construction!

To satisfy the growing requirements of our customers, product development has the highest priority at Smart-99! Our table and contact zones are now crafted entirely from aluminium and can stay outdoors through the whole year; although it should be protected with a cover to prevent any weather damage.

The benefits:

  • highly stable thanks to maximal standing width
  • coating non-slippery, even when it rains
  • easy handling
  • highly weatherproof (no wood used)

The running surface

The running surface of Smart-99 is fabricated in one single piece, of coloured Integral-99 rubber!

The surface is very easy on joints and paws, and does not become slippery – even in wet conditions.

The Integral-99 running surface is an internationally patented benefit of Smart-99. It has the most gentle coating that dogpaws ever felt in the contact zones!

Ideal for training and tournament use! The dogs run over it, as if on velvet paws, making it a real joy for dog and trainer alike!

Table-99 – complies with FCI 2012 & TKAMO-Homologation

The set contains:

  • 1 aluminum frame with aluminum plates (no wood) and integral-99 coating
  • 4 fixing stands
  • 4 extension stands heights 35, 50 and 60 cm

Total weight approx. 20

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