Jump-99 Aluminium

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Jump-99 Aluminium With its solid side parts and a weight of 5 kg the Jump-99 is stable... more
Product information "Jump-99 Aluminium"

Jump-99 Aluminium

With its solid side parts and a weight of 5 kg the Jump-99 is stable and windproof. The construction is made of aluminium, the rungs of the side parts are powder-coated in blue, white, blue. Other combinations on demand.

Jumping heights from 10 to 65 cm, adjustable in 5 cm-steps. Jump-99 Safety with lowest jumping height 15 cm. For easy adjustment a scale is affixed, on back side further marks for standard heights 30, 40 and 60 cm. There can be installed as many bar holders as you want.

The edges of the aluminium profiles are rounded. Therefore the risk of injury for dog and person is minimized.

The 2-coloured jumping bar has a diameter of 32 mm. It is made of non-breaking plastic with a core of plastic. The core prevents bending when exposed to heat. Alternatively jumping bar with diameter 50 mm of non-breaking plastic.

Jump-99 (FCI 2018 / TKAMO 2008)

1 Set consisting of:

  • 2 stands with side parts, rungs white and blue
  • 2 bar holders standard for bars with diameter 32 mm or 50 mm
  • alternatively: 2 bar holders safety for bars with diameter 32 mm
  • 1 jumping bar, 2-coloured. Diameter 32 mm plastic with core of plastic or 50 mm plastic.

Total weight: 5 kg

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Höhe: Kategorie L: 55 - 60 cm; M: 35 - 40 cm; S 25-30 cm. Minimale Breite 120 cm. Die Stange muss leicht abzuwerfen sein. Der Ausleger muss mindesten 1 m hoch und zwischen 40- und 60 cm breit sein. Die Doppelhürde wird aus zwei einzel Sprüngen gebaut. Die Stangen werden in aufsteigender Reihenfolge gestellt mit einer Höherndifferenz von 15 - 25 cm. Die höchste Stange wird hinten plaziert.Die Gesamttiefe darf nicht übersteigen: L: 55 cm; M: 40 cm; S: 30 cm. Das zweithöchste Hinderniss muss mindestens 10 cm breiter sein als das erste.