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With the new training slalom „Slalom to go“ (zigzag slalom) Smart 99 offers an agility... more
Product information "Slalom to go"

With the new training slalom „Slalom to go“ (zigzag slalom) Smart 99 offers an agility equipment, the development of which is based on the latest findings in the training of an agility dog, both in the beginner as well as in the advanced stage.


The principle of the concertina allows the variable installation of the equipment from the wide lane slalom to the fully extended slalom. In this way you can not only introduce your young dog slowly to this challenging agility equipment, but also arrange the training with your advanced dog effectively.


From the beginning your dog is trained with a 12 bars lane slalom, which it masters in the shortest possible time. Depending on the learning process the path to be traversed can be made longer an narrower. Thanks to the concertina design, this can be arranged completely variably. So your dog can be brought to the final slalom for tournaments very quickly and effectively.


In addition the training slalom can be built with a funnel on both sides, so leaving the parcour prematurely can be prevented.


The advantages of the new Slalom to go:

  • A combined lane and agility slalom with a bar spacing of 60 cm according to the FCI directive
  • Made of aluminium flat material 40 x 6 mm, surface hardened
  • Stepless variable and easy to adjust
  • 12 bars with a diameter of 32 mm, made of shatterproofed special plastic
  • Colours of the bars are blue and orange, clearly visible for dogs.
  • Suitable for outdoor use as well as for halls
  • Very stable design
  • With screwable and lockable holders for the bar
  • Extremely space-saving, foldable and easy to transport

One Slalom to go consists of:

  • Basic element, foldable, with holdings for the bars
  • 6 slalom bars each in blue and orange
  • Cudgel to fix the holdings

Total weight: ca. 13 kg


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