Flat tunnel-99

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The Flat tunnel-99 was developed especially for today's increased requirements in Agility with... more
Product information "Flat tunnel-99"

The Flat tunnel-99 was developed especially for today's increased requirements in Agility with the focus on safety for the dogs! Therefore we chose not to offer a more simple product without a base, in order to avoid any possible risk.

The floor board covers the whole ground area of the aluminium housing and thus guarantees that the dog cannot slip in or under somewhere with his paws and toe nails. The floor is equipped with surface Integral-99 - therefore non-slip also when it's raining.

The complete housing is made of Aluminium without any screws or rivets. Inside and outside the surface is absolutely smooth, without any produding parts.

For fixation of the housing you can use weights. We recommend our suitable sandbags (details under Accessories).

Canvas to flat tunnel

The canvas to flat tunnel is a product of very high quality. It complies with the new international regulations of agility, and also with the safety for the dogs and furthermore with the easy handling for the sportsman.

The floor of the canvas is made of several layers, its filling avoids entanglement and the running area is non-slip. Both dog and sportsman benefit - as continuos arrangement of the canvas is not necessary.

The upper material is very light. Therefore a burning of dog nose is avoided due to less weight. Nevertheless, the canvas is ideal for dogs having problems with standard flat tunnels.

There is a further advantage of the different textures of material: Sticking together due to static charge or rain is avoided.

Flat tunnel-99 according to FCI 2018 & TKAMO-Homologation

1 set consisting of:

  • Housing made of Aluminium
  • Surface "Integral-99"
  • Multilayered canvas with velcro fastener, length 185 cm

Total weight: 18 kg

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